Facilities Management

Building Owners, Managers and Tenants all face similar issues in managing the facilities they occupy. 

Building regulations, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and lease conditions require compliance across many different areas, which can overwhelm and distract building occupiers from their core business activities.

Red Ants provides a comprehensive and expert Facilities Management service to take the hard work out of ensuring regulatory and statutory compliance of the facilities you occupy, so you can focus on your core business activities.

Our service includes:

Operation and Maintenance

Human & Safety Factors

Emergency Preparedness

Project Management

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Operation and Maintenance

Red Ants has specialist expertise in identifying, assessing, documenting and providing on-going management of all your facilities operation and maintenance requirements.  

We take the time to understand your specific situation, developing a tailored made solution to ensure safe and efficient use of your facilities.

Our service includes:

►Assessing and documenting your buildings maintenance requirements and providing management of all your corrective, preventative or predictive maintenance requirements

►Developing and assisting with the implementation of policies and procedures to guide and control your operations

►Assessing and managing the maintenance and cleaning of the building permanent interiors finishes

►Maintaining and cleaning all of your furniture and equipment

►Establishing standards, practices and procedures for grounds maintenance and building exterior elements

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Human & Safety Factors

Key to business success is the development and implementation of a robust and functional Occupational Health & Safety management system. 

Red Ants can develop a safety management plan that:

► Assesses the risk profile of your core business activities

► Provides effective strategies to protect the safety, health and wellbeing of all people who have occasion to enter your facilities

► Provides you with a systems to track your facilities compliance with changing laws and regulations

Other capabilities include:

► Assessment of site security and the development of strategies for improvement

► Internal quality and environmental auditing

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Emergency Preparedness

Building occupiers are required to develop emergency response plans to ensure the safety and well being of people in a facility, should an emergency arise.

Red Ants can:

► Develop and deliver emergency procedures and training

► Assure all emergency systems and procedures are tested as planned

► Conduct and evaluate emergency drills

► Develop and test disaster recovery plans

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Project Management

Red Ants can provide a comprehensive and professional project management services to assist all aspects of your facility projects. 

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